Caesarean Section Awareness Month 2023


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27 Apr, 2023

The month of April is observed as Caesarean Awareness Month. A Caesarean or a C-Section, as many of us know, is a surgical delivery of a baby that happens when an incision is made in the mother’s abdomen and her uterus.The reasoning behind a C-section usually is that pregnancy has certain complications. Some of these reasons include:

  • Labor is not progressing as expected
  • The baby is in distress
  • The baby is in an unusual position
  • There is more than one baby
  • Previous C-section

We understand that an unexpected C-section can cause some anxiety for pregnant women along with some questions about the procedure. This month our Registered Midwife at Integra Healthcare, Allie Campbell has also been raising awareness about C-sections and answering some common questions. In terms of one of the most frequently asked questions she gets from her patients, Allie says:

“The one thing I get asked a lot is about skin-to-skin…yes it is possible and I know that because I have been in many threatre rooms where I have facilitated skin-to-skin for mum and baby…so my advice to you is to have a conversation with your paediatrician and your obstetrician, prior to delivery, even if you are aiming for vaginal delivery, you know complications can arise, so having that conversation early on, everyone knows what’s important to you and that you would like skin-to-skin…the problem here is in Cayman, the theatres are [very] cold…it means that if it’s preterm delivery or if your baby comes out with any kind of difficulties, then it’s even more important to keep them warm straight after birth…if your baby comes out pink and crying and your paediatrician is happy, then this baby can be placed right on your chest. The evidence is there and it is very robust, we know how important skin-to-skin is, definitely have that conversation early on with your maternity team”

– Allie Campbell, Registered Midwife at Integra Healthcare

Just because women may have a C-section while others may have experienced vaginal birth, it does not take away from the fact that a body carried a baby for nine months and still brought a child into the world. A C-Section takes a toll on a mother’s body, and the fact that she can still care for her baby while healing from such an invasive procedure is exceptional.

All women deserve to be celebrated, including those who are C-section mamas.

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